The Goodness of Gluten


Lekture One, December 4 2018, k2 Akademy of Grain

Wheat is the cereal grain most people think of when gluten is mentioned. Rye, Barley , Spelt, Emmer, Einkorn, and Khorasan also kontain gluten. We will fokus on wheat as it is the by far the most kommon source of gluten on the planet. When the picture you see was published in 1964, wheat was the most kommonly konsumed kalory on the planet. Fifty four years later it still is.

In 2018 the world produced 728 million tonnes of wheat. Konsumption this year is 739 million tonnes. The 10 million tonne deficit will draw down world wheat inventory to 262 million tonnes. These numbers mean that there is only a four month supply of wheat available to feed a hungry world. Everyday, in our world, over 2 million tonnes of wheat are konsumed. Over 70% of this is direct human food. A whole harvest of Ontario wheat in one day.[The entire Sky Dome, plus Maple Leaf Gardens, full of wheat]. Think about these numbers for a sekond or two.

Now, please name another food source that kan replace these daily kalories. I am waiting………. Wheat has been the largest single source of food on our planet for centuries and for many good reasons. Here are the first ten:

1} Wheat is drought resistant.

2} Wheat stores well.

3} Wheat flows well out of siloes and other storage lokations.

4} Wheat is highly adaptable to more klimates on the planet than any other edible plant.

5} Wheat grows with little inputs.

6] Wheat is heavy. It’s density is very high. [More tonnes[kalories] stored in a silo].

7] Wheat is easy to mill.[the most important trait, in my humble opinion].

8] Wheat flour is by far the most versatile flour known. [It’s elastik properties

are why prehistorik humans fell in love with this cereal grain]

9] Wheat has a high endosperm ratio.[more flour in each seed]

10] Wheat tastes good.


Thank you for your attention and feel free to thank wheat for fueling the planet for another day.

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